I have a bachelors degree in portraiture from the Arts Institute of Pittsburgh; I have skills and experience with both natural and artificial light scenarios, but I am a huge fan of the the look available light offers portrait. 

Over the last five years, I focused my services on professional athletes and their families. These days, I am opening up my services to clientele that is not so high profile, as well. I am servicing approximately 20 elopements per year total, by design. This allows me to concentrate on a couples most important details. in a boutique setting I provide quality over quantity.

In July 2020, I retired from a 20-year in law enforcement with the State of Utah and moved to Independence Township, Pennsylvania. My husband and I own a 13.5 acre lot of forest at the top of a hill. I am in awe everyday with how simple life has become for us "off the grid." I spend my days training my Cane Corso and working with brides. It is the best life for me. 

I have to admit I am a fan of an amazing love story.  As a girl, I was always caught up in the stories of couples who ran away to the woods to tie the knot. They are adventurers, romantics and travelers. They value the moments they are in and the experience.

My aesthetic is not about a light or dark image style; however, I do lean a bit moody. My style focuses on the connection between couples and their families. My couples are taking their small weddings outdoors to the forest, desert canyons and beaches. I am never opposed to photographing an indoor event, I just love how nature can bring its own special something to an event. 

When I was five years old my father gave me a broken Brownie Box camera that I went door to door taking neighbors photos with. What he originally thought to be a toy for a child became a 43 year companion. I have three loves in my life; family, sports and service. 


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Everything about a couple for me is about simplicity, love and adventure. This is the most important day in a couple's life together. It is the day they will tell their children about, if they choose to have them, for decades to come. When everyone else in their lives has moved on, this is the day that will re-connect them and remind them why they fell in love to begin with. This day needs to be special. It needs to be something between them and not a party where they have to pay others with expensive meals and details to come. It's about their bond. 
Our couples want to say vows before God (or whoever they believe in) on a mountain they climbed or under their favorite tree where they had a first kiss. A Kristie Montrois Couple wants snow globe moments in snow globe places; moments captured in.snow globe you shake up to remember . 

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