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Meet Kristie

Every beautiful couple has a romantic story to tell. My husband and I were no different. In 2009, we met online; I used to tell people when they asked how we met that we met on In 2010, we were married among our family and friends in Pittsford, New York.

I must admit after our wedding of 150 guests, there are so many details I do not remember. I remember sharing intimate moments with our closest friends and family. I remember the love I felt the moment I said “I do.” What I don’t remember is the color of our napkins, what we had for dinner or if the cake was chocolate or vanilla. I remember one moment I was in my husbands arms for our first dance and the next moment, our hotel transport arriving to say the it was time to leave.

 If it had not been for our amazing wedding photographer, I would have missed so many incredible details of our day; I don’t even remember seeing him at all during the wedding. After receiving our images, I decided I would offer my own wedding clients a more intimate experience.

 It is my commitment to you to capture what matters most to you on your wedding day. For this reason, I focus on weddings with 50 guests or less and elopements with 10 guests or less. 

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Just a small town girl.

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not just wedding photos, connections

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