a fun-loving, goofy couple, one a photographer and the other a business manager, who just so happen to be in love.

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"When I was five years old my father gave me a broken Brownie Box camera that I went door to door taking neighbors photos with. What he originally thought to be a toy for a child became a 40+ year companion. I have three loves in my life; family, sports and service. From that time to present day I am rarely without a camera in my hand. It seems only natural that I would combine them to serve a group of people I find to be the most incredible; wives and families of professional sports." 

"I grew up in Rochester, New York. I have a deep passion of history and not just for sports. I love all things Pittsburgh and I have a love for the cinema. I can tell you who won what award and what year they won it." 

hockey lover • moment designer •award-winning portrait photographer • 20-year veteran of law enforcement

animal lover • movie historian • fan of all things Pittsburgh • arm-chair sports commentator

I have to admit I am a fan of an amazing love story.
As a girl, I was always caught up in the stories of couples who ran away to the woods to tie the knot. They are adventurers, romantics and travelers. They value the moments they are in and the experience.

Our aesthetic is not about a light or dark image style. Our style focuses on the connection between brides and grooms and their families. Our brides are taking their weddings outdoors to the forest, desert canyons and beaches; however, we are never opposed to photographing an indoor wedding. We have skills and experience with both natural and artificial light scenarios.  

Our bride wants an intimate day with her beloved in which their connection is what matters most. All she needs is a beautiful dress, flowers, the love of her life and a suitcase. And, me of course. #braveheartelopement

what makes a Kristie Montrois bride

not just wedding photos, connections

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