a fun-loving, goofy couple, one a photographer and the other a business manager, who just so happen to be in love.

aBOUT The montrois'

About Kristie and Steve

Every beautiful couple has a romantic story to tell. We are no different. In 2009, we met online. I used to tell people when they asked how we met that we met on serialkiller.com. As many who have experienced online dating can relate, it can be scary. Steve was living in Rochester, New York and I was living in Salt Lake City, Utah as a single, working mother of two. We spoke for several months over the phone and online before I made the decision to visit him in the Northeast. I drove approximately 2,000 miles across the country to meet him while my children visited their father for the summer. I had never believed in love at first sight until that day. We spent two beautiful weeks together getting to know each other.
Two months later he visited me in Utah and has never left. In 2010, we were married among our family and friends in Pittsford, New York. I must admit not a day goes by that he does not make me weak in the knees. One thing we have really enjoyed about our relationship is how much we have traveled together. We love to explore this beautiful world of ours. We have hiked mountains, swam in the oceans, rafted the rivers together and shared various cuisines and wines from numerous cultures.



"When I was five years old my father gave me a broken Brownie Box camera. What he originally thought to be a toy for a child became a 40+ year companion. I have three loves in my life; family, sports and service. It seems only natural that I would combine them to serve a group of people I find to be the most incredible; wives and families of professional sports." 


"I grew up in Rochester, New York. I have a deep passion of history and not just for sports. I love all things Pittsburgh and I have a love for the cinema. I can tell you who won what award and what year they won it." 

family is everything

As a family, we have enjoyed all the milestone moments that make life a joyful experience. We have laughed together, cried together, prayed together and grown together. One thing is for certain through it all is that family is the foundation of our lives. Whether that is family back home in the Northeast or the our children here in Utah we value the importance of being together.

Steve and I are “empty-nesters” this year; both the kids have set out to live life on their own. My son, Deklend is a singer, songwriter and producer. My daughter, Aliya, is also a vocalist and has a passion for health and fitness (Yoga). We have been blessed with two amazing humans with bright minds and compassionate hearts. Over their short lives, these two have done some pretty amazing things already. Deklend has released his first album with a music label and Aliya has performed on the Carnegie Hall stage with the National Honors Choir. 

As parents with a creative career, we only hope we have set the example to love what you do with all your heart. Our family is everything to us and we hope to share the same joy we feel for them with you. 

Fall Leaves battle with Deklend and Aliya 

Family portrait with the dogs.

Deklend, Kristie, Steve, Aliya

Kristie and a young Aliya

Steve and Kristie

Images of the Montrois Family were taken by Lisa Miller 
Steve and Kristie's Wedding photos by Michael Ross, Ross Weddings

hockey lover • moment designer •award-winning portrait photographer • 20-year veteran of law enforcement

animal lover • movie historian • fan of all things Pittsburgh • arm-chair sports commentator