Rose and Terry – 2nd Anniversary

Well, there really is no excuse, but I have been a little behind in blogging since leaving Utah to move to Pennsylvania. I have been getting settled in. I have to acknowledge how fortunate I am to work with such amazing couples.

I have been photographing Rose and Terry for a few years now. They always bring the love to their annual session together. This year, they wanted something a little more intimate. Couples who have gone beyond the “honeymoon phase” know what I mean. Funny, it seems these two have never left that phase and continue to grow closer everyday. It is beautiful to watch.

We met at the marina just before the sun was setting. The golden hues on the water bounced off Rose’s skin like glitter and honey. Terry is so in love and it shows. They just dote over each other and take care of each other.

Here is a glimpse at their session:

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