We Care About You. Our Response to Coronavirus

The sun will come up tomorrow. I promise. Stay home. Stay safe.

I want to begin by saying, my team and I hope you are healthy and safe from the pandemic sweeping our nation. We understand this is a hard time for everyone and what we care about most is your health. Please stay in your homes and stay safe. You’re part of our family too. 

According to the CDC They are:

“…working across the Department of Health and Human Services and across the U.S. government in the public health response to COVID-19. Much is unknown about how the virus that causes COVID-19 spreads. Current knowledge is largely based on what is known about similar coronaviruses.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in humans and many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats. Rarely, animal coronaviruses can infect people and then spread between people, such as with MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV. The virus that causes COVID-19 is spreading from person-to-person in China and some limited person-to-person transmission has been reported in countries outside China, including the United States. However, respiratory illnesses like seasonal influenza, are currently widespread in many US communities.”

As you know, we only service weddings with under 50 guests. However, in many communities, including our own, quarantine measures prohibiting groups of 10 or more to gather have been put into place to make us all safer. We realize this may impact our clientele through postponed weddings and elopements, as well as, regular portrait session. I wanted to take a moment to let you all know what we are doing to serve you in the event you require a change in your plans.

Our agreements regarding cancellation and postponement read:

The deposit fee is non­-refundable, regardless of circumstance. Fees for cancellations and postponements will apply irrespective of the reasons for them, specifically including but not limited to weather conditions, conditions of nature, war, the actions of police or emergency services, terrorism, civil disturbance, or the fault of a third party. Photographer must be notified of cancellation no less than 7 days before the originally scheduled day of the wedding. If cancellation occurs within 7 days of the originally scheduled wedding day, Photographer shall be paid in full for agreed wedding package, in addition to the amount already received as the deposit. Any and all expenses incurred by Photographer for the purpose of completing the Assignment (i.e., rental of photo equipment, etc.) shall also be paid. If this contract is cancelled at any time before the wedding by the Photographer, any amount other than the deposit shall be refunded to the Client, with the exception of any expenses incurred in the production of the assignment, which shall not be refunded to the Client. Photographer reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time, particularly if the scope of work required to complete the assignment changes substantially.

Should the event be postponed for any reason, Clients understand that Photographer may not be available for the new date. Should Client postpone the event to a date for which the Photographer is not available, the assignment shall be considered cancelled, and the cancellation agreement above shall apply. Photographer shall be notified of any postponement or likelihood of postponement as soon as possible, and will make every reasonable effort to be available for the new date. In the event the assignment is postponed, additional expenses may be incurred. In regards to an engagement shoot, we typically do not postpone these shoots, especially for weather related reasons. During Wedding season, all other portrait and engagement shoots are typically only scheduled during weekdays. Weekend appointments may incur an additional charge to be arranged with the Photographer at the time of booking.”

You First!

We will do everything we can to accommodate a new wedding, elopement or session date. For the time being, we are waiving any additional fees that may arise from postponing your event or session.  If the new date is not available, we will locate a photographer for you to take our place. We have a team of photographers that we network with who are willing to assist, should your date become unavailable. We are also waiving additional travel fees to your event, with the exception of flights outside of the United States.

The Options:

We have created some in house accommodations to our services. They are as follows:

·         We are conducting all portrait and wedding reveals remotely via video, ZOOM or Skype.

·         We are drop shipping all of your product orders and allowing you to order your products online. Including our wall art products. If specifications need to be made, we will email you or text you.

·         We are now booking for all events and sessions via email or online booking. You will find our online booking calendar at kristiemontrois.com/online-booking.

·         We have added Venmo as a payment option for booking deposits. use @kristiemontrois. Booking deposits have been lowered to $50 for portrait sessions, $100 for out of state sessions and $300 for elopements and intimate weddings.  

We have temporarily cancelled our Watch Me Grow Program since program deposits are not due until April 1, 2020, and prior to the first round of sessions. We will not be taking any new program members until the CDC has cleared the pandemic. These appointments in the future will be scheduled on a one on one basis as mini sessions lasting no longer than 45 min; the fee will be charged at a reduced mini session rate of $149.

Thank you for allowing us to continue to serve you. Small businesses are taking a bit of a hit right now and we appreciate your faith in us. What matters most to us is that you and your families are safe. We will be here for you when the dust settles and beyond.

Please stay safe and practice social distancing. We want to see you healthy and happy in the future.


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