Watch Them Grow: Arnold Fall Family

I have said it before and I will say it again, I love Watch them Grow Sessions! This year, I have spent time with the Arnold Family watching their beautiful children achieve milestones. When we started the year, Henry was not quite a year old and just learned to walk. Now, he is running and climbing rocks and trees. Ally has become more confident and adventurous. They are both such a joy to be around. We literately get to watch them grow. As I reviewed their images while uploading them, I could not help feeling emotional.

This family has become a part of my life. Not simply as clients, but as friends I look forward to seeing every few months. Sweet Ally melts my heart every time her mother pulls up to the session. She gets so excited to tell me of all the new things she has been experiencing. Sometimes its a new pair of white shoes and sometimes it’s watching how she can swing on a tree limb. Henry has swung through some pretty awesome stages since their first family session with me in 2018.

You can take a peak at their session from April 2019 by clicking here

During their latest session, we ventured into the trees and looked for fall colors. It has not been cool enough for some of the trees to begin to turn, but the river view was inviting. There was some color in the tall grass. The meadow gave the kids a colorful place to run.

We concentrated on activity images during this session. In the last session we did traditional portraits. This time we wanted to shake things up a little. Both children are in different stages of social development. We explored their individual personalities a bit instead. Sweet Ally is a love-bug and adores her younger brother. Henry is expressing some independence and a need to be free of extra snuggles. Unless of course it’s Mom or Dad. He wants to do the things his sister can do, but without her help. I imagine these two will grow up to be best friends in the years to come. The scenario is all to familiar to this mother of a boy and girl.

Tom and Deb are incredible parents. They really are one of my favorite families to spend time with. They are so dedicated to the health and happiness of their children. Deb is committed to capturing every moment she can, because she realizes how quickly her children grow up. 

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