Weak in the Knees: Mins and Trevor

“Let him make you weak in the knees” is one of my favorite prompts for couples. Its a reminder that his simple touch is all encompassing. Mins and Trevor, I can honestly say have indulge in every moment they have with each other. They celebrate every day together the same as they did when they first realized they were in love.

Married couples who take time out to remember why they fell in love, tend to stay together longer. They recognize when the job has ended and the kids have grown up an left the home for lives of their own, all they have is each other. We don’t fall in love for the sole purpose of creating offspring. We love to share joy with each other and to walk through life together. So let him make you weak in the knees, often.

This session was rather special. We decided to take a page out of the Blue Lagoon and From Here to Eternity to bring them not only one with each other, but with nature. To put this into context, I need to explain Utah had a long winter. We had snow on the mountain tops in late June. Our rivers and creek beds flowing down Cottonwood Canyon were overflowing with glacial waters. The waters were rushing at a dangerous rate of speed. The waters were so dangerous we had to take special precautions to prevent hypothermia and the couple being swept into rushing waters.

Our focus through out the session was the genuine connection between Mins and Trevor; the intimate moments between two people without sex that are so meaningful. we certainly achieved our goal. This couple will always have images that will articulate their love for each other. I was honored to be able to photograph them.


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