A Summer with My Love

In the past two years, I have travel throughout the United States and Canada photographing amazing clients in all walks of life. In May, I decided to take some much needed family time. I needed to spend the summer embracing time with my own family. It was to be a summer with my love.

I took a small break to reconnect with my husband. I needed to become accustomed to my emptying nest. Steve retired from his job with Verizon after 20+ years in June. My youngest graduated from high school and later turned 18. My oldest has been on his own for a while. He signed to a record label and released his first album. I must say the break was needed.

One of the first things Steve and I did was to take a mini vacation to Moab, Utah. We decided to do some paddle boarding and river rafting. So, we booked our adventure with Paddle Moab. I must say that decision was a great one. We were SO spoiled.

White Water Rafting

On our first day, Paddle Moab picked us up from our hotel, The Red Stone Inn. We drove out launch point on the Colorado River. Our guide, Zach, coached us through what to expect. He gave us great safety information. He was quite the historian. We learned about the different flows of the river, people who lived in the area and famous films that were made in Moab. We had eight rapids we paddled through. Some were big and some were small. Our trip also included lunch on the river at the Red Cliffs Lodge. The “Rapids” images taken by Moab Action Shots

Paddle Boarding

On day two, Steve and I headed out for some paddle boarding. Our guide, Justin, picked us up from our hotel at 7:45 am. I need to caveat something here. If you have been following us for a while, you know in November 2018, I dislocated my right knee. I had also torn some tendons. I have been rehabbing the injury ever since. I am forbidden from doing any exercises considered “open chain” (one or both feet off the solid ground). Of course, I am hard headed. I was a little naughty. (Images were taken by our guide Justin).

When we launched, I was determined to stand on my board at some point. I did not realize standing on the board was open chain. I was solid on the board, but the board was on water and not so stable. When I stood, I was up for maybe 30 seconds, My knee shifted. That was that, I joined the Colorado River swim team. After some minor panic when the life jacket came over my head I was able to get back on my board. It was all laughs from there. It is a memory I will cherish forever. The rest of the trip, 6 miles or so, I sat in a 90/90 position or on my knees.

Paddle boarding and rafting are something I believe Steve and I will do again and again for years to come. It was a very spiritual thing to be on the river and enjoying the peace of nature in its purest form. We were treated so wonderful by Paddle Moab and we will definitely utilize their services again.

I believe the moral of all of this is we all need to take a moment every now and then to enjoy our families. I was pushing the burned out button daily and losing a connection with my family along the way. Family is my highest value and it seems only reasonable that I would devote some needed time to them. The summer with my love was a success and I am ready to hit the ground running this fall.

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