Anniversary Session: Rose and Terry

This has been a month of engagement anniversary sessions for me. On June 4, 2019, my assistant and I headed to American Fork Canyon to photography Rose and Terry. A year ago, I photographed their beautiful engagement session for their wedding announcements. Their anniversary session was an honor for me.

Terry is a photographer himself, a very good one I might add, and Rose is a model. They have an incredible marriage built around rock solid friendship. Rose told me during the session that she and Terry are just enjoying each other’s company right now. She said the focus on each other has been critical to the place they are in with their marriage.

Rose and Terry are aware that I do a limited amount of staging of their poses during a session. My focus is on their emotional connection. I use emotional prompts to gain an authentic reaction. During one of the prompts, I asked the couple without speaking, to show the other how they felt about their relationship. After 10-15 seconds, Terry grabbed Rose, pulled her close and began to softly cry tears of utter joy. I was speechless. The scene showed so much pure love between them. I was honored not only to witness the moment, but to capture it. ( black and white image below at beginning of the gallery.)

Below, you will find their gallery. It really does capture the intimacy of their affections for each other. Rarely will you find Rose without Terry or Terry without Rose, unless they are at work. There is something to be said for their philosophy “We are just enjoying each other and being married.” This is a philosophy I believe many couples could adopt for a happy marriage. It makes sense to focus on each other, because the two of them take on life’s challenges together.

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