Maternity – Ash and Nick

This maternity session for Ash and Nick is something rather special. Imagine being 20 weeks into pregnancy and the doctor saying you needed to be placed on be bed rest, because the child inside of you wants to be born now. Ash had to stop working and this young couple had to come to terms with a high risk pregnancy in a single income home. There were times they did not know how they were going to pay their rent or eat. But, a community of photographers and models gathered around them to start a Go Fund Me account to help them make it through.

At the time of Ash’s session, despite her doctor’s assertions to remain in bed, she and Nick endured a maternity session with me. Of course we were as careful as possible, but the mere walk from the parking lot to our shooting area was enough to wind her. The couple brought their beautiful pit bull, Blue, to the session. No family session is complete without the family dog and this gentle sweetheart is ready to welcome a sibling into the world. Nick and Ash are so excited for the birth of their child. With each passing moment toward their due date Ash becomes more and more invested in the birth.

We chose to photograph the session among the plush green trees in Murray Park. The park has trails that give a resemblance of a forest path in the mountains without the additional hiking for Ash. The environment was perfect for the lace maternity gowns I brought her from our studio wardrobe.

The couple is due in June, but they are still looking for assistance through their Go Fund Me account. :

At 20 weeks pregnant we found out I had a incompetent cervix and I was dilated and had a soft cervix and was close to going into labor. I had to have a emergency cerclage done to try to keep our baby from coming 20 weeks early. For fear of losing our baby girl I have been put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. We applied for financial assistance and don’t qualify until closer to our due date July 9th.

So with only 1 income now it is just seeming impossible to not only pay our bills but pay for doctors appts and also to be able to get ready for the baby. We are just trying to do anything we can to take care of our family while I am out of work. I will be able to return to my job after maternity leave. We just need a little help until then. Thank you all!”


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