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Watch Me Grow sessions are some of my favorite sessions to do. Every January, for a limited time we open up enrollment to a years worth of images for a small investment. The package includes four sessions, an image box and digital copies. Once we have ten packages, we close the enrollment. This session was the second session of the Watch Me Grow package for the Arnold Family. As their family photographer, once a quarter I get to capture the new milestones of beautiful Aliyah and her brother Henry.  I have to admit I love seeing all the wonderful changes in their personalities.

During our last session, we photographed these lovelies at the Lake House in Daybreak .  When I got out of my car to greet Aliyah and Henry, Aliyah grabbed my hand like an old friend (I have been photographing her for two years now) and began to tell me about all her new shoes. They had a heel after all and for a 5 year old, that is a really important detail. As we walked toward our location on the lake, she ran down a hill of plush green grass and spun like the hills were alive in her new pink Easter dress.

It is really refreshing to see the innocence of youth play out in a child’s mind. Our daily lives can be so full serious things we forget what its like to feel wind on our faces simply because its new. The day before the session, I had laid my dog to rest and it was really uplifting to stop and see life through the eyes of this little angel.

Henry is a treat as well. He is certainly not forgotten in this tale. Everything to this 2 year old is new. Every blade of grass or the feel of cold water on his sandy toes was like a new adventure. In some ways, it was over stimulating at times and we had to take a breather. But, he is so curious and it is a joy to watch. At one point, we allowed the children to put their toes in the water. The expressions of not quite sure and excitement were mere seconds apart.

The light that day was high in the sky. We were shooting between naps and meals to gain the best moods. I don’t mind shooting in the bright sun, because my images are more about connection than anything else. Their gallery is below:

Watch Me Grow Watch Me Grow Watch Me Grow Watch Me Grow  Watch Me Grow Watch Me Grow Watch Me Grow Watch Me Grow Watch Me Grow Watch Me Grow Watch Me Grow Watch Me Grow Watch Me Grow

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